Be cautious with fake news


With the blooming development of free information platforms in the recent years, there are more and more fake news. Especially in the aspect of labour and migration, the more illegal profiteers are, the more fake news appear. These sources often make the audience receive incomplete, wrong or missing messages and easily make wrong decisions. So is there any way to access high-quality information sources or independent, yet reliable, community resources?

Listen to this episode and explore with the hosts how fake news impact the migration in general and labour migration in particular, as well as how to check these information? PAXU, which is mentioned in this episode, is an application for migrators and foreign labourers, providing safety handbook and all information about life in a foreign country. The PAXU application can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

Backstage to the Future is a podcast series delivered by The British Council Viet Nam, Pacific Links Foundation, and 021 Station Podcast. New episode will be released in every last Saturday of the month.

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Host: Linh Lê, Khoa Linh, Đức Hồ;
Designer: Linh Đan.