You can find here useful materials such as training materials, toolkits, digital products, reports, etc., so that you can research and refer to activities to create positive social change, especially through supporting safe migration and preventing human trafficking in Vietnam.

Handbook on preventing human trafficking and supporting safe migration

This handbook has been developed to equip young people with useful information for preventing and combating human trafficking and supporting safe migration. We hope that you will use the information in this Handbook in an appropriate and effective way to help yourself and your family, friends, and acquaintances who are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

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Digital resources on Forum Theatre

A digital manual on Forum Theatre that equip yourself with the skills to create change in your community and prevent social problems through imagining and rehearsing alternatives. The manual includes the Forum Theatre Handbook and a series of supplementary videos that explain the basics of Forum Theatre.

Forum theatre handbook
Forum theatre: 'True' is interesting
Forum theatre: Who has the power?
Forum theatre: Who is the MC?
Forum theatre: The shape of a performance
Introduction on forum theatre