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Backstage to the Future is a social action project exploring the use of arts, cultural and creative approaches to assist civil society organisations (CSOs) in making positive social changes, particularly in supporting safe migration in Viet Nam.

Backstage to the Future is a three-year project co-funded by the European Union and the UK Government, and implemented in partnership between the British Council, Viet Nam Institute for Culture and Arts Studies and the Viet Nam National University Youth Union.

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Bước tới tương lai (Step to the Future) update the latest information of the project and useful information on safe migration and activities on prevention of human trafficking. You can also be in touch with the project team to contribute ideas to join hands to create positive changes for society.

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The courses are designed to equip young people with migration needs for different purposes such as studying, working, visiting relatives, etc. to find appropriate answers to their questions. . At the same time, these courses also introduce young people and civil society organisations useful skills to make positive changes to society's problems.

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Useful resources

The site provides training materials, reports, audio-visual products, etc. as a resources of reference to support activities that contribute to positive changes in society, especially through supporting safe migration and prevention of human trafficking in Vietnam.

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