Backstage to the Future Podcast

The British Council Viet Nam in collaboration with Pacific Links Foundation and 021 Station Podcast would like to introduce Backstage to the Future - a series of podcast for Vietnamese young generation. This podcast is one of the key activities led by civil society organizations and local communities towards safe migration and preventing human trafficking in Vietnam.

Through this young and appealing approach, we hope that the podcast will provide useful information for young people who want to migrate with different purposes such as studying, working, visiting relatives, etc. to find an answer for their own concerns. Please find and equip yourself with necessary knowledge to shape the future with us!

Episode 12

Are you ready?

Time flies. 2022 is coming to an end. Let's sit down with And Backstage to the Future podcast and review what we have gone through from the last 11 episodes.

Episode 11

Career Orientation

Making the wrong decision, trusting wrong people resulting in unsafe migration and human trafficking can stem from uncertainty in career orientation. Let's consult with experts on career counselling to make the right decision!

Episode 10

Potential risks

Have you updated the recent news of Vietnamese travelling to Cambodia and being forced to do illegal online work? We have had a conversation with Pacific Links Foundation about this news to share with you about the potential risks behind those appealing invitations to work overseas.

Episode 9

A true story

Let's listen the story of a returnee who unfortunately became victims of human trafficking, but was lucky enough to figure out a way to return to their hometown safely. We hope that through this true story, you will have the most genuine view about human trafficking, to protect yourself and people around you.

Episode 8

Financial management

One of the most crucial problems when working and studying abroad is financial management. How to pay the procedure expenses and living costs most efficiently? How to save some money while covering the living expenses and repaying other loans at the same time while you need financial support when migrating? Let's discuss with Ms.Mina Chung, an expert in financial management for further advice

Episode 7

Culture shock and dreamland story

What is culture shock? How long does it take for you to adjust to your new work and study environment? And let's discuss the pros and cons of choosing a career in the 'dream land' in this podcast.

Episode 6

From the lens of international students

Let's listen to another perspective from international students to understand how the migration journey begins and what should be expected when being overseas.

Episode 5

Stories of the returnees

Anyone can become a victim of human trafficking, whether a woman or a man. Likewise, the criminal of human trafficking can be anyone, it can be a stranger, but it can also be a friend, a relative. People commit crimes for many other purposes. Let's listen to the stories of the returnees and equip yourself with enough information about safe migration!

Episode 4

A challenging journey

In the 4 episode of Backstage to the Future podcast, we will find out why Europe is the favourite destination for the journey of migrating abroad to study, live and work. On this journey, however, there are numerous potential risks.

Episode 3

Be cautious with fake news

With the blooming development of free information platforms in the recent years, there are more and more fake news. Especially in the aspect of labour and migration, the more illegal profiteers are, the more fake news appear.