Culture shock and dreamland story


Hope that everyone has gathered some important information to prepare for the migration journey through the first six episodes. In this episode, we want to share with the listeners of Backstage to the Future an issue that almost everyone would face when moving to a foreign country, which is culture shock. You will listen to true stories about migration, how to adapt quickly, and some advice on how to migrate in the safest way. If you have any questions about the advantages and disadvantages of finding opportunities in the dreamlands, this episode will definitely have many useful information for you!

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Backstage to the Future is a podcast series delivered by The British Council Viet Nam, Pacific Links Foundation, and 021 Station Podcast. New episode will be released in every last Saturday of the month.

Host: Linh Lê, Khoa Linh, Đức Hồ;
Designer: Linh Đan.