Stories of the returnees


In the Episode 5 Backstage to the Futurehost Khoa Linh will have a conversation with Ms. Thanh Pham, facilitator of the Reintegration program, Nhan Ai House Manager of Pacific Links Foundation in Lao Cai.

Ms. Thanh knows Pacific Links Foundations in an unexpected way, and on this journey she had many meaningful experience with the returnees, victims of sad human trafficking stories. Ms. Thanh wants to share with the listeners of Backstage to the Future how to improve your awareness and protect yourself while migrating, and emphasizes that everyone can become the victim of human trafficking, either women or men. Likewise, human trafficking criminals could be anyone, they could be a stranger but they could also be a friend or a relative, because they have different incentives to commit the crime which are beyond our imagination. Let’s listen to Ms. Thanh’s stories and prepare yourself with adequate information about safe migration!

Backstage to the Future is a podcast series delivered by The British Council Viet Nam, Pacific Links Foundation, and 021 Station Podcast. New episode will be released in every last Saturday of the month.

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Host: Linh Lê, Khoa Linh, Đức Hồ;
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