From the lens of international students


In the Episode 6 of Podcast Backstage to the Futurewe are very pleased to have a chance to talk with two adorable friends. The first one is Ha – currently studying PhD in the UK, and the second one is Huy – who is studying Master in Netherlands. We hope that the audience could get to know a different view from those who are studying in a foreign country, to understand how their studying abroad journey begins, and their bewildered experiences when just moving to another country. From finding opportunities to study abroad to gradually maturing while living in a foreign country. Backstage to the Future believes that their stories will help us have a better understanding on how the life would be and valuable experience to prepare yourself for your own journey.

Backstage to the Future is a podcast series delivered by The British Council Viet Nam, Pacific Links Foundation, and 021 Station Podcast. New episode will be released in every last Saturday of the month.

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Host: Linh Lê, Khoa Linh, Đức Hồ;
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